SwanSun Pups In Their New Homes

Dexter (Chance X Callie)

Allie as pup (Shatango X Carly)

Allie as adult (Shatango X Carly)

Hank (Duke X Taylor) with his new sister

Lily (Duke X Taylor) with big brother Hunter (Chance X Taylor)

Goldie (Doc X Scarlett) with big sister Lucie (Patton X Scarlett)

Jack (Shatango X Carly)

Jake (Doc X Scarlett) with new brother Riley

Josie as pup (Patton X Molly)

Josie as adult (Patton X Molly)

Link (Doc X Scarlett) with new brother Parker & owner Kyler

Myka (Doc X Scarlett)

Ouzel (Epic X Pudden)

Teaghan-pup (Patton X Scarlett) with Ouzel-adult (Epic X Pudden)

Summer-NA Summer (Patton X Rose) is an agility star in NADAC

Backup MX MXJ-AKC agility titles (Patton X Rose)

Buddy as pup (Patton X Molly)

Buddy as adult (Patton X Rose) Delta Society Pet Partner

Buddy (Patton X Rose)

Cyrus (Patton X Scarlett)

KC (Woody X Tika)

Tanner (Duke X Taylor)

Echo (Patton X Emma)

Woody (Doc X Scarlett)

We have some great photographers among our puppy buyers!  Here is a sampling.  Click on the first picture and you will have the option of a slide show.  Cool!

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Ashleigh | Reply 26.01.2017 08.23

Hello! We are looking forward to adding a new addition to our family. Do you know when your next litter will arrive and be available?

John | Reply 02.05.2016 14.48

Looking for a pup. We live in the country with 2 goldens.

Cindy | Reply 21.03.2016 19.52

I'm very interested in a pup. Prefer female and red goldens. A friend purchased one from you a while back. Finley is a beautiful, well behaved, loving pup.

Katie | Reply 05.03.2016 20.21

Are you expecting any litters in the near future? We are looking for a golden pup.

Laura | Reply 21.04.2015 14.01

Hello!! I am looking for a female golden. Am interested in info about upcoming litters. Would you ever consider shipping a pup to Fairbanks, AK?

Denise | Reply 11.02.2014 15.16

When do you expect to have more puppies? Are they socialized from birth? Shots? What kind of food do you feed? Prices? I am interested in getting a pup....

Christy Swanson 12.02.2014 20.23

I am expecting more pups in April. They are socialized from birth. Puppy buyers are welcome to come each week to see the pups. $1400.00 Contact for more inf

Janine | Reply 27.12.2013 19.23

Do you have any puppies for sale? If so, what do you charge?
Or if you have an adult Golden under 4 years old, please let me know.

Cheryl | Reply 25.02.2013 11.46

Hi there, If you are ever interested in a good home for an adult golden I would love to speak with you. Our number in Coeur d Alene is 208.667.1801.

Cheryl | Reply 04.02.2013 21.34

Do you have any puppies for sale? We have a good home and have the time. We don't work. Love working with dogs. Love the golden want one from good breeder

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Latest comments

22.08 | 21:51

Oh, no, I am so sorry! Taylor is 12 yrs old so no more babies for her. Jamie got pyometra and had to be spayed, so nothing there either. Call me if possible

22.08 | 21:48

Oh, no! I am so sorry!

19.08 | 20:20

Any pups availible from Jamie or Taylor in the future? We lost Hunter this week. It was totally unexpected.

10.08 | 21:46

Please go to contact page for puppy info.

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