IntCH Mtn. View's Justice Is Served CGC

His first show weekend Justice takes Winners Dog all 3 shows, Best of Winners twice for a total of 5 AKC points toward his Championship
The "real" Justice after playing in the mud (taken by Touched By A Dog Photography)
Justice after grooming

Justice's Accomplishment and Achievements

Justice Head Shot

I acquired Justice on 8-20-19.  

Justice passed his Canine Good Citizen Test on March 3, 2020 and can now add CGC to his name. 

He earned his IABCA  International Champion title on 8-1-20.

We are definitely planning on obtaining  the GRCA Certificate Of Conformation Assessment title when an event becomes available.  We may try for our virtual rally and trick titles as well.

First Show Weekend:  Justice takes Winners Dog all three shows, Best of Winners for two shows for a total of five out of fifteen needed points toward an AKC Championship!


Justice posing on a log at the lake!

Justice's Pedigree and Health Clearances

Justice showing love

Justice Pedigree:

Justice Health Clearances:

Justice was born 1-11-17 and has now sired seven litters.

Justice weighs in the 64-68# range.


Justice's Upcoming Breedings

Upcoming breedings:


Spring 2021

Int Ch SwanSun's Mission Impossible RN CGC CCA (see Suri left)


Fall 2021

Chriys-Haefen Bam  (see Bam left)

Forever Miss Riley Rose

Forever Miss Molly Moo



Spring 2022

Ransom Creek's Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Claus  


Goldberry's Maggie Mae





Justice Art Print
Justice/Starlett son posing just like his Daddy!

Justice's litters

Justice/Icee female pup

Justice has sired seven litters, the first with Elsa (IntCH Marshall Hill's Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway)  which consisted of 2 males and 2 females.

His second litter with Icee (IntCH SwanSun's I See Fire CGC-see left for more info) 3M, 3F

Third litter with Jupiter (IntCH SwanSun's Last Ascending Treasure RI CGC CCA-see left for more info) 5M, 5F

Fourth litter with Chevy (IntCH Doubletake's Like A Rock) 5F, 4M

Fifth litter with Starlett (IntCH SwanSun's Coming Attraction RI CGC CCA) 2M, 2F

Sixth litter with Icee (IntCh SwanSun's I See fire CGC) 4F 3M

What will the future bring?

Justice/Chevy female pup
Justice/Jupiter female pup (left).
Jasmine from Justice first litter (Dam Elsa) 02-20-20
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