IntCH Ransom Creek's Yes Virginia There Is A Santa C

Nia laughing
New IntCH Nia
Nia gaiting in the IABCA ring 8-8-21

Pedigree and Health Clearances

Nia stacking at the IABCA show 8-8-21

Nia became an IABCA International Champion on August 7, 2021 by earning high ratings under at least 3 judges, one of which must be an International judge.

Nia passed her first obedience class, Beginning Home Companion in November 2021.  She moves on to Advanced Home Companion in 2022 where she hopes to earn her Canine Good Citizen title.

When Nia obtains her health clearances, she will be bred to Justice (see left).


health clearances:



Nia's Achievements and Accomplishments

August was a busy month for little Nia.  I became her co-owner (7-20-21) and she came to live with me.  She got all her DNA test results, clear on everything!  And she became an IABCA International Champion.  

On 10-1-21, Nia got her heart clearance.

On 10-2-21, Nia got her eye clearance.

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