IntCH Ransom Creek's Yes Virginia There Is A Santa C

Nia laughing
New IntCH Nia
Nia gaiting in the IABCA ring 8-8-21

Pedigree and Health Clearances

Nia stacking at the IABCA show 8-8-21

Nia became an IABCA International Champion on August 7, 2021 by earning high ratings under at least 3 judges, one of which must be an International judge.

When Nia obtains her health clearances, she will be bred to Justice (see left).



Nia's Achievements and Accomplishments

August was a busy month for little Nia.  I became her co-owner (7-20-21) and she came to live with me.  She got all her DNA test results, clear on everything!  And she became an IABCA International Champion.  

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