SwanSun Pups In Their New Homes

Dexter (Chance X Callie)

Allie as pup (Shatango X Carly)

Allie as adult (Shatango X Carly)

Hank (Duke X Taylor) with his new sister

Lily (Duke X Taylor) with big brother Hunter (Chance X Taylor)

Goldie (Doc X Scarlett) with big sister Lucie (Patton X Scarlett)

Jack (Shatango X Carly)

Jake (Doc X Scarlett) with new brother Riley

Josie as pup (Patton X Molly)

Josie as adult (Patton X Molly)

Link (Doc X Scarlett) with new brother Parker & owner Kyler

Myka (Doc X Scarlett)

Ouzel (Epic X Pudden)

Teaghan-pup (Patton X Scarlett) with Ouzel-adult (Epic X Pudden)

Summer-NA Summer (Patton X Rose) is an agility star in NADAC

Backup MX MXJ-AKC agility titles (Patton X Rose)

Buddy as pup (Patton X Molly)

Buddy as adult (Patton X Rose) Delta Society Pet Partner

Buddy (Patton X Rose)

Cyrus (Patton X Scarlett)

KC (Woody X Tika)

Tanner (Duke X Taylor)

Echo (Patton X Emma)

Woody (Doc X Scarlett)

We have some great photographers among our puppy buyers!  Here is a sampling.  Click on the first picture and you will have the option of a slide show.  Cool!