GCH Mtn. View's Justice Is Served CGC TKI


GRAND CHAMPION Mtn. View's Justice Is Served CGC TKI
Best of Breed Gallatin Kennel Club 9-13-22
Ch Mtn. View's Justice Is Served CGC TKI takes Select Dog 3 days in a row at IEKA 6-10-22.
New Champion! Justice gets his last point. Official win photo. 6-18-21
His first show weekend Justice takes Winners Dog all 3 shows, Best of Winners twice for a total of 5 AKC points toward his Championship 10-31-20
Justice winning the stud dog class at the GRCA Western Regional Specialty 5-27-22 with son, MacGyver and daughter, Perk. Judged by the quality of the offspring! MacGyver took Reserve Winners Dog on a 5 point major the following day!

Justice's Upcoming Breedings

Justice in his SDTC Award Frame!

Upcoming Breedings:

Fall 2022

Forever Miss Riley Rose VHMA  (see Riley & Molly left) bred 10-29-22, US 12-3-22, due 12-31-22

Cohawna's Ember Luna (see Ember left)

IntCH SwanSun's Venusian Treasure CGC (see Venus left)

MacGyver winning Reserve
Justice and Chevy daughter, Calla
Brinkley and Baxter with friend
Justice and Elsa son at one
Harly, Justice and Icee daughter

Justice's Pedigree and Health Clearances

Justice showing love

Justice Pedigree:  http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=819877

Justice Health Clearances:  https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?f=sr&appnum=2020089

Justice was born 1-11-17 and has now sired eighteen litters.

Justice weighs in the 64-68# range.


Justice posing on a log at the lake!

Justice's Accomplishment and Achievements

Justice Head Shot

I acquired Justice on 8-20-19.  

Justice passed his Canine Good Citizen Test on March 3, 2020 and can now add CGC to his name. 

He earned his IABCA  International Champion title on 8-1-20.

We are definitely planning on obtaining  the GRCA Certificate Of Conformation Assessment title when an event becomes available.  

Justice got his last point toward his AKC Championship on 6-18-21 and can now add Champion to his name.

Justice started earning his first trick titles:  Trick Dog Novice (TKN) on 2-26-22 and his Trick Dog Intermediate (TKI) on 3-5-22.

Justice had earned 2 Grand Champion points while he was finishing his Champion title.  He showed one more weekend and earned 3 more points, defeating other Champions on the way. He was entered in an 8 show week long extravaganza and came home with 3 "major" wins and 12 more points for a total of 17.  In Montana he took Best of Breed twice for another two points each win, Select Dog for a point, and Best of Opposite Sex for another two points.  He took Select Dog at the Walla Walla Kennel Club show and became a GRAND CHAMPION!

Justice was shown 18 times over 6 weekends and took 2 Best of Breeds, 1 Best Of Opposite Sex, and 10 Selects to earn his requirements to become a Grand Champion.  That is a darn good record in the Golden Retriever ring!  



The Champ!

Justice is a NEW AKC CHAMPION!

Justice the day after winning his 2nd "major" and adding 4 more points to his total.

Justice got his last point in Blackfoot ID with his Junior Handler, Sarah, on 6-18-21.

To become an American Kennel Club Champion, a dog needs two "major wins" and a total of 15 points.  

Justice was shown 5 weekends (17 shows), placed in 15 shows, took Winners Dog 7 times, Best of Winners 5 times, and Reserve Winners Dog twice (once on another major win).  He finished off the 5th weekend by going Select Dog twice for his first Grand Champion points.  That is a really good showing in Golden Retrievers!

Thank you to his professional handler, Jennifer Holmberg Baggenstos, for the first 14 points and both majors, and to his junior handler, Sarah, for that last point (and his first 2 Grand Champion points).  We did it!

Justice went to a 3 show weekend in CDA and went Select Dog all 3 days for another 3 Grand Champion points!  He beat other Champions to do it.  Thank you to both his pro handler, Nicole Marie Travis, and to his Junior Handler,  Sarah.

To become a Grand Champion, you must earn 25 toal points, defeat other Champions at 3 events, and have 3 "major" wins. A major win is defined as worth 3 or more points.

At the Enumclaw Cluster of shows, Justice took Select Dog 3 times for his 3 majors while earning 12 more points.  Thank you to his handler, Nicole Travis.  Now he just needs to pile up 8 more points. 

In Montana, Justice went Best Of Breed twice for two more points each win, Select Dog for 1 more, and then Best Of Opposite Sex for another two points!  Thank you to his pro handler, Sammie Lewis.  

At the Tri-Cities cluster of shows, Justice went Select Dog and became a Grand Champion.


Show Career

Justice's 1st "major"- another 3 points.

3-3-20  SDTC-Canine Good Citizen

8-1-20 IABCA Champion-Stan Matsumoto, et al

10-31-20 CDA-Skip Herendeen-Winners Dog-Best of Winners-2 pts-

11-1-20  CDA-Valerie Brown-Winners Dog-Best of Winners-2pts

11-2-20  CDA-Pamela Lambie-Winners Dog-1 pt

4-16-21  Caldwell-SH McDonal-not shown

4-17-21  Caldwell-LA Estes-Winners Dog-Best of Winners-3 pts

4-18-21  Caldwell-KJ Brook-3rd place

4-23-21  Lewiston-Kathleen V Carter-Winners Dog-Best of Winners-2pts

4-24-21  Lewiston-James M Brown-2nd place

4-25-21  Lewiston-Susan St John Brown-3rd place

4-26-21 Lewiston-Joan V Savage-4th place

5-28-21 IEGRC1-Nancy Talbot-nothing

5-28-21 IEGRC2-Linda Hurlebaus-nothing

5-29-21 SKC-James Noe-Winners Dog-4 pts

5-30-21  SKC-Jan N Paulk-2nd place-Reserve Winners Dog-0 pts (on a major!)

5-31-21  CDA-Elaine Lessig-3rd place

6-1-21   CDA-Carol Jean Nelson-2nd place

6-17-21   Blackfoot-Sidney Marx-2nd place-Reserve Winners dog-0 points

6-18-21  Blackfoot-Sioux Forsyth-Green-Winners Dog, Best of Winners-1 Point-NEW CHAMPION

6-19-21  Blackfoot-Eric Liebes-Select Dog-1st Grand Champion point

6-20-21  Blackfoot-Joan Liebes-Select Dog-2nd Grand Champion point

2-26-22 SDTC-Karen Williams-Trick Dog Novice (TKN)

3-5-22  SDTC-Karen Williams-Trick Dog Intermediate (TKI)

5-27-22 GRCA WRS Collette Jaynes-1st Stud Dog with MacGyver & Perk

6-10-22 IEKA Wayne Thompson-Select Dog-3rd Grand Champion point (Ch's defeated)

6-11-22 IEKA Mrs Terry Carter-Select Dog-4th Grand point w/ Champions defeated

6-12-22 IEKA Valerie Brown-Select Dog-5th Grand point w/ Champions defeated

8-13-22 SamKC Ronald Freeman-nothing

8-14-22 Sam KC Beverly R Andersen-nothing

8-15-22 SamKC Pam Lambie-not shown

8-17-22 RSDA Carla M Mathis-nothing

8-18-22 RSDA Honey Anne Glendinning-not shown

8-19-22 OKC Margaret S Jones-Select Dog (4 pt major) for 9 total

8-20-22 OKC Barbara Pepper-Select Dog (4 pt major) for 13 total

8-21-22 OKC Donna Buxton-Select Dog (3rd major) another 4 pts for 17 total

9-22-22 GDC JM Brown-Best Of Breed- 2 pts, now 19 total

9-23-22 GDC S St John Brown(t)-Select Dog- 1 pt-total 20

9-24-22 HMKC J-C-Boulinguez-Best Opposite Sex-2 pt-total of 22

9-25-22 HMKC WJ Sommerfelt-Best Of Breed-2 points-total of 24

9-29-22 WWKC N Rigsbee-nothing

9-30-22 IEGRC Linda Riedel-nothing

9-30-22 WWKC Wanda Spediacci-Select Dog-3 points-NEW GRAND CHAMPION

10-1-22 RKC  D Vice-nothing

10-1-22 IEGRC Ken Matthews-nothing

10-2-22 RKC VJ Brown-nothing

10-14-22 Larry Abbot-Best Of Opposite Sex-1 point

10-15-22 Elizabeth Muthard-Select-1 point

10-16-22 Ken J Murray (t)-Select-1 point

Justice after grooming

Justice's litters

Justice and Cheetos son

Justice has sired seventeen litters, the first (5-8-19) with Elsa (IntCH Marshall Hill's Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway) http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=620222  which consisted of 2 males and 2 females.

His second litter (11-15-19) with Icee (IntCH SwanSun's I See Fire CGC-see left for more info) 3M, 3F

Third litter (11-27-19) with Jupiter (IntCH SwanSun's Last Ascending Treasure RI CGC CCA-see left for more info) 5M, 5F

Fourth litter (2-4-20) with Chevy (IntCH Doubletake's Like A Rock) 5F, 4M

Fifth litter (6-25-20) with Starlett (IntCH SwanSun's Coming Attraction RI CGC CCA -see left for more info) 2M, 2F

Sixth litter (11-28-20) with Icee (IntCh SwanSun's I See Fire CGC-see left for more info) 4F 3M

Seventh litter (1-27-21) with Cheetos ( IntCH Sunlite's Shuffle Up and Deal RN NAP NJP CGC TKI CCA) 5F 3M

 Eighth litter (4-15-21) with Suri (IntCH SwanSun's Mission Impossible RN CGC CCA (see left for more info) 4M, 3F

Ninth litter (12-13-21) with Aurora (IntCH SwanSun's Solar Storm RI CGC) 4F, 3M

Tenth litter (12-29-21) with Ember (Cohawna's Ember Luna) 5M, 3F 

Eleventh litter (1-20-22) with Fringe (Skyriver's Friends in High Places) 5F, 3M

Twelfth litter (2-18-22) with Molly (Forever Miss Molly Moo VHMA) 5F, 4M

Thirteenth litter (2-22-22) with Riley (Forever Riley Rose VHMA) 4F, 2M

Fourteenth litter (6-21-22) with Icee (IntCH SwanSun's I See Fire CGC) 5M, 3F

Fifteenth litter (7-3-22) with Ava (IntCH UCD Golden Acres Avalon Angel CD RN CGC RO1) 4F, 3M  

Sixteenth litter (7-8-22) with Jupiter (IntCH SwanSun's Last Ascending Treasure RI CGC CCA) 4M, 3F

Seventeenth litter (7-26-22) with Nia (IntCH Ransom Creek's Yes Virginia There Is A Santa Claus CGC TKN CCA) 1F, 4M

Eighteenth litter (8-20-22) with Cheetos (IntCh Sunlite's I Bet You Can't Eat Just One CGC RN TKI NAP NJP) 4F, 4M

What will the future bring?

Intl Ch Marshall Hill's A Whole New World ( AKC Ch & IntCH Mtn. View's Justice Is Served CGC TKN X Int'l Ch. Marshall Hill's Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway)