IntCH Sunlite's Fullhouse Wreck-It Ralph CDX TD VCD1

IntCH Sunlite's Fullhouse Wreck-It Ralph CDX TD VCD1 CCA BCAT OAP OJP

Ralph's pedigree and health clearances

SDTC Wall Of Fame

Ralph's pedigree:

Ralph's health clearances:


At Spokane Dog Training Club's 2021 Award Presentation, Ralph swept the categories!  He got his picture on the wall for earning his Companion Dog degree (see right), he got an engraved dumbbell for earning his Companion Dog Excellent degree, and a plaque for earning his Tracking Dog title.  To top it all off, he tied for the Top Dog Of The Year based on his competition scores. 

Ralph relaxing after he earns his Novice Agility Preferred title!

Ralph's breedings

Ralph wins his 3rd High In Trail, this one from Open

Ralph has sired eight litters. First with IntCH Doubletake's Like A Rock BN RN CGC born 9-4-21 (4F, 2M)

 Second with MK's Windi In Wyoming (5F, 4M)

Third with MK's High Desert Sage (3F, 4M)

Fourth litter with MK's Shania Shylo (3F, 9M) born 3-17-22 THERE ARE 2 - 7 MO OLD MALES AVAILABLE-SOME TRAINING

Fifth litter with Liadrin Christian born 4-30-22 (7M, 4F)  8 wks old 6-25-22 contact Chase Christian 805-637-8491 or email

Sixth litter with MK's Justus For All born 5-28-22 (5 M, 4F)

Seventh litter with MK's Desert Sage-see above-7 pups (5M, 2F)

Eighth litter with MK's Dixie Of The South - 9 pups (4M, 5F) FEMALES AVAILABLE




Ralph showing off his agility ribbons!

Ralph's Achievements and Accomplishments

Ralph wins two High In Trails from Novice!

IntCH Sunlite's Fullhouse Wreck It Ralph CDX TD BN RI CGC TKA VCD1 OAP CCA BCAT

Ralph earned his Canine Good Citizenship title in June of 2019.

He tested clear on his Paw Print DNA clearances in December of 2019.

In February of 2020, Ralph earned his Trick Dog Novice, Trick Dog Intermediate, and Trick Dog Advanced titles as well as tested clear on NCL (another DNA test).

He earned his International Champion title and his Rally Intermediate title in August of 2020.

Ralph passed his eye and heart clearance in November of 2020.  He also earned two legs on his Companion Dog degree earning High in Trial in the second trial.

In December 2020, Ralph passed his hip and elbow clearances.

Ralph earned two more legs for his title of Companion Dog in early 2021 once again taking High In Trial.  He also finished his Beginning Novice degree at the same show.  He took 1st place in every class where he was entered.  

February 2021, Ralph earned his Companion Dog degree.

In March, he became a Tracking Dog!

August of 2021, Ralph earned his Novice Agility Preferred title.

September of 2021, he earned Novice Jumpers Preferred title and  became an American Kennel Club Versatile Companion Dog.

In October of 2021, Ralph earned two legs toward his Companion Dog Excellent title with first places in his class.

In November of 2021, he earned his third pass in Open to earn his CDX title (Companion Dog Excellent) with another first place.  He also won a run off for Highest Scoring Dog in Trial (#3).

On 5-26-22 Ralph passed the GRCA Certificate Of Conformation Assessment and added CCA to his titles behind his name. 

On 5-30-22 Ralph ran Fast Cat and earned his remaining points for his BCAT title!

On 7-2-22 Ralph finished his Open Agility Preferred Title.

On 10-8 & 9 Ralph earned two passing scores toward his Utility Dog title, earning first place in his class each day.

 I am hoping that Ralph will be in the GRCA Obedience Hall Of Fame (OBHF).  The requirements are: GRCA Obedience Dog Hall of Fame (OBHF) Any Golden Retriever with a Utility Dog title that has accumulated five (5) Highest Scoring Dogs in Trial, of which no more than two have come from Novice class, will be entered into the GRCA Obedience Dog Hall of Fame.